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New Recording! Sonatina for Guitar and Violin

Dialogue (1971) for Guitar and Strings, C 51
(Diálogo (1971) para Violão e Cordas, C 51)

This is is a composition from earlier in Ernst Mahle's career. A work for guitar and strings, it is crafted as a series of musical dialogues between the guitar and the strings. The music is available for free download in two parts: a full score and a piano reduction which includes the guitar part. Unfortunately, there are no string parts available at this time. Hopefully they can be created and posted later. (If you are interested in performing the Dialogue with a string orchestra, please let me know and I can obtain or create a set of parts for you.)

An added bonus with this music is that Mahle created a piano reduction so that this piece can be performed as a guitar/piano duet. To my knowledge, there are very few works composed for this combination. The only ones that come to mind are the Fantasia by Castelnuovo-Tedesco, a guitar/harpsichord duet by Ponce, and a couple of classical era works. It is nice to know that this piece by Mahle, in the piano reduction form, is a nice addition to the repertory. Mahle has also provided a piano reduction for his Concertino for Guitar on a Spanish Melody, also available on this website.

UPDATE: In 2015, Mahle composed Sonatina for Piano and Guitar.

Mahle has written three works for the guitar as a soloist with a larger ensemble - twice with strings and once with a small orchestra.

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Printed Music

The full score and piano reduction with guitar part are available free for download below. This music was engraved by Ernst Mahle himself.

Free Music Download

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Full Score Only
Piano Reduction with Guitar Part

Orquestra de Câmara Sesi/FUNDARTE
Daniel S. Mendes, Violão/Guitar
Antônio Borges-Cunha, Regência/Conductor
Teatro Therezinha Petry Cardona, Montenegro, RS. 2005

First Page of the Full Score

Dialogo (1971) for Guitar and Strings Ernst Mahle 1st Page Full Score

First Page of the Guitar Part

Guitar Part from Dialogo (1971) for Guitar and Strings by Ernst Mahle

First Page of the Piano Reduction

Piano Reduction of Dialogo (1971) for Guitar and Strings by Ernst Mahle
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