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New Recording! Sonatina for Guitar and Violin

Ou isto, ou aquilo (2012), Three Poems by Cecília Meirelles, for Soprano, Flute, Oboe, Cello, and Guitar, C48a, by Ernst Mahle
(Ou isto, ou aquilo (2012), Três Poesias de Cecília Meirelles, para Canto, Flauta, Oboé, Violoncelo e Violão, C48a)

This is a setting of three poems by Cecília Meirelles. It is scored for soprano, flute, oboe, cello, and guitar. The first page of each of the three settings is shown below.

The music was engraved by Mahle himself. It is available for free download below in a single PDF containing the score and parts.

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Full Score and Parts

Ouisto, ou aquilo
Ou isto, ou squilo, by Ernst Mahle
Rio na Sombra
Rio na Sombra by Ernst Mahle
O Violão e o Vilão
O Violao e o Vilao, by Ernst Mahle
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