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Suite (1975) for Guitar, C 95,
(Suite (1975) para Violão, C 95)

One of Ernst Mahle's two works for solo guitar (see As Melodias da Cecília for the other one), this is a suite of six movements: Rapsódia, Passacalhe, Diálogo, Moto Perpétuo, Monólogo, and Ostinato. Dating from earlier in his compositional career, when Mahle tended to use more "avant garde" techniques, it is, in my opinion, the most adventurous of his guitar compositions. Often atonal and dissonant, it is written for a guitarist with advanced technique.

The suite may be abbreviated and played as "3 Peças Para Violão" by leaving out two movements and playing the remaining movements in this order: I. Monólogo, II. Moto Perpétuo, and III. Diálogo. (See notes regarding this on the second page of the guitar part.)

I hope that advanced classical guitarists will try this piece and add it to their solo repertory.

The music was handwritten by Mahle himself. The guitar part is available for free download below.

NOTE: Because the music is oversized and only available in printed form, I had to scan each page in as two parts and then combine them using Photoshop. (My scanner cannot accept oversized pages.) This is why there is some darkening on the pages. Ernst Mahle's original printed score is on good white paper. At some future date I may be able to scan the pages in on an oversized scanner and provide a better quality PDF.

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Guitar Part

First Page of the Guitar Part

Suite (1975) for Guitar, C 95, by Ernst Mahle, free for download!
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